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What to expect when moving to TLC-Columbus
We understand that change can be stressful, but our goal is to make your move to TLC-Columbus as easy and stress-free as possible. Remember throughout your planning and the move, we’re here for you. We can answer questions, direct you to helpful resources and let you know what has worked for others in your situation.
The Move
All resident suites at TLC-Columbus are outfitted with essential furniture including fully electric beds (complete with linens), built-in dressers, television, guest seating and more. Residents are encouraged to bring favorite decorations and small items from home – things like pictures of family, small accents and floral arrangements. Ample clothing, toiletries, grooming accessories and medications are essential. If you have any questions about whether or not you should bring a select item, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.
The First Day
First impressions are lasting and we do everything possible to make your loved one’s first day at TLC-Columbus like a fun, new adventure. New residents are given extra attention from all staff members and are encouraged to join in favorite activities and meals. Our goal is to educate our new resident on the wonderful services and amenities available to them, without overwhelming them with information.
Making Friends
Making friends in Texas is rarely a challenge and TLC-Columbus is no exception. Whether those friendships are connections between residents or between residents and staff, your loved one will find friendly faces around every corner. Residents frequently discover lost connections or friends from church and other activities within a day or two and time spent “catching up” is treasured.
Our events and activities are centered on our residents’ preferences and the feedback they provide. We structure each day with multiple activities – a variety designed to strengthen the mind, body and soul. Most of all, our activities are designed to be “fun!” Whether it’s a painting class, trivia game or a classic jigsaw puzzle; you’ll find residents always perk up for activities with friends.
Always near our residents’ priorities is the caliber of dining we provide. We strive to provide meals that are delicious and nutritional. We prepare all meals on site and can accommodate most any special dietary requirement. Resident feedback helps us continually refine our offerings and our country breakfast with waffle bar is a much-anticipated meal amongst virtually everyone.
TLC-Columbus provides digital cable in all suites and wifi internet access throughout the facility – both for guest and resident use. Most residents bring a cell phone with them; the facility does provide a centrally located land line for resident's use. For details on the cable channels we offer, please contact on of our staff members.
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